Here at the City Tavern we love us some live, local music.  Always have.  We were fortunate enough to grow up in the Metroplex where live music has always been an integral part of the scene.  From the blues rich history of Deep Ellum to the Honky Tonks of Ft. Worth we have grown up cutting our teeth in an area full of great places to see the multitude of talent the area has to offer.   It has always been one of our greatest goals to help bring that very local music to the people.  Well, it’s time to kick it up another notch and get into the 21st century so, we are proud to bring you, HomeSessions.  Every Wednesday at 9pm we are going to be bringing some of the premier acts from around Dallas and north Texas to the City Tavern for a show with a little twist.  It’s going be a somewhat stripped down affair, sort of “unplugged” if you will.  It’s a chance to get a little more intimate with the music and the artists.  And, the best part is, we are going to be recording these sessions and posting them for free listens and downloads on our website,   So, call your friends, tell them the great news, drop your Wednesday night book club and get to the Tavern.  This is our most ambitious and exciting project yet and we really hope you’ll come share it with us.       

Sept 22
The Cush with Chris Johnson
(Telegraph Canyon)

Sept 22
Deadman with Glen Farris

Sept 15
The Orbans with Paul Slavens

Sept 8
Glen Farris with Nicholas Altobelli

Sept 1
Titanmoon with Chatterton

July 14
Comrade with Dry Creek

July 7
Iris Leu with Matthew Bridgman

June 30
Sherilyn Segrest with Salim Nourallah

June 23
Luan Matto with Brett Engle

June 16
Miles Penhall with Madison King

June 9
Grant Jones & The Pistol Grip Lassos with Ronnie Fauss

June 2
Ryan Thomas Beckerwith Greg Schroeder

May 26
Camille Cortinas with Preston Grey

May 12
The O's with Maren Morris

May 5
Becky Middleton with Dovetail

April 28
Wheeler Sparks with The Naptime Shake

April 21
Madison King with Ariel Cooksey

April 14
Here, In Arms with The Beaten Sea

April 7
David Ramirez with Greg Schroeder

Mar 31
Smile Smile with Exit 380

Mar 24
Fox & The Bird with Ryan Thomas Becker

Mar 10
Doug Burr with Seryn

Feb 24
Chris Johnson
(of Telegraph Canyon) with Jacob Metcal

Feb 17
Something in the Wheel with Glen Farris

Feb 10
Johnny Lloyd Rollins with Fox & The Bird


Listen to exclusive tracks recorded live at Home Sessions.

Home Sessions 23
Paul Slavens

Home Sessions 22
Glen Farris

Home Sessions 21
Titanmoon and Chatterton

Home Sessions 14
Ryan Thomas Becker

Home Sessions 13
Preston Grey

Home Sessions 12
The O's

Home Sessions 11

Home Sessions 8
Here, In Arms

Home Sessions 7
David Ramirez

Home Sessions 6
Smile Smile

Home Sessions 5
Fox & The Bird

Home Sessions 4
Doug Burr

Home Sessions 3
Chris Johnson
(of Telegraph Canyon)

Home Sessions 2
Something in the Wheel


Created by Method Labb